Available courses

    Information about blocks while coding.

    Information about Stratch Coding.

    Installing guide for watchX Blocks

    Process of coding

    Introduction to coding

    What's Blink and first stratch coding for watchX

    Information about displays and writing "Hello World" on watchX display

    Writing and sliding text on watchX display

    Drawing and moving a pixel on watchX

    Drawing a line on watchX display

    Information about sounds and making a tune on watchX

    watchX screen borders

    Information about motion

    Using motion on watchX

    Movement and "Not to move game" on watchX

    Making a jump counter on watchX

    Making a shock indicator on watchX

    Making bubble leveler on watchX

    Information about potential and kinetic energy

    Showing temperature on watchX

    Making a temperature alarm on watchX

    Introduction to pressure

    Pressure meter on watchX

    Weather applications on watchX

    Using magnetometer on watchX